Disquiet Junto 0621 The Leftovers


This felt like a timely assignment, I just spent the last month or so sorting through old ideas and sketches looking for inspiration. I wrote a few parts of this one back in 2015, the “guitar” bit and the bassline mostly, but it had no structure, just the kind of thing you putz around with in Ableton’s session view. It didn’t go anywhere because it’s very unlike most of what I do, but it felt like a peaceful diversion.

For the assignment I threw it into arrangement view and gave it some structure, added a bit to the guitar/pad theme, and added some foley to give it a home.

The guitar bit is interesting, I have a Casio MG10 midi guitar that I occasionally pull out. Of course instead of playing a synthy preset, I picked a guitar preset and tweaked it a bit. Figures.

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